Adoption is a system that changes the child’s authentic identity, it issues a completely new birth certificate naming the adopters as the people who gave birth to them, and severs the child’s legal connection to sisters, brothers, grandparent’s, uncles, aunts, extended family, heritage and bloodline for life and beyond, when there are other long term guardianship programs that do not sever the child’s birth rights?

Forced adoption is being introduced in NSW but not all states agree

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VIC, SA, WA, and QLD have rejected adoption as not being in the best interest of the child and have introduced, expanded and re modelled various methods of long term guardianship that do not sever the child’s birth rights to its identity heritage and blood line but offers all the long term stability love and support a child needs, who can’t live with their parents for a variety of reasons.

Victoria’s position is that permanent care orders are a more appropriate and balanced option than adoption.(Permanent Care in Vic is a Guardianship model)

Liana Buchanan Victoria’s Commissioner for Children and Young People agrees – “adoption cannot be seen as the panacea; Systems such as Permanent Care have been able to negotiate permanent arrangements for out-of-home care children that take into account the connection circumstance, heritage of the biological family, and can be more flexible in bringing permanency for the child in their care.”

Government of Western Australia Department of Communities
Do not support adoption from care as a primary mechanism for reducing the numbers of children in care a protection order (special guardianship) is the preferable option.

Queensland Chooses long –term out of home care for children and young people instead of adoption. My Home is a new care option for children who need long-term out-of-home care.

South Australia is not persuaded that an increased emphasis on making children in care available for adoption is necessarily appropriate; when fundamental considerations of the child’s best interests are brought into account children can gain additional feelings of security within a loving family through Other Person Guardianship.

Former judge of the Family Court of Australia, Professor the Honourable Nahum Mushin on ‘permanency and adoption’:

“I think the concept of permanency is contrary to what I regard as being in the best interest of children. We shouldn’t be talking about permanency; we should be talking about long-term. Once we get to that, really what you got to do is that you have to construct a care regime for each particular child depending on his or her needs, and you can’t say ‘one size fits all’.”

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