This is one option we are following at the moment that seems to fit. Rosemary says that any DNA from other family will help confirm your DNA match with your mothers and fathers family. One hit is the start but not the end.


WILLIAM GEORGE ELLIS is referred to as Johns Father. As not to confuse readers with the different Williams in the family, William Hammersley/John xxxx is referred to as John.

 William George Ellis (John’s father) was born 6/1/1924 in Islington, Great London, England

His parents William Samuel Ellis and Mabel Townsend (John’s Grandparents)

Williams mother Mabel Townsend was married three times. Her first marriage was supposedly to a bigamist. She then married William Samuel Ellis second marriage (John’s Grandfather) who was in the First World War in the Navy. He died around 1933. Mabel married William John Henry (Third husband (John’s step Grandfather) and came to Australia to live


After William Bill (John’s Father) had come to Australia William Bill (John’s Father) was living with parents in England in 1949-50 when William Bill (John’s Father) applied for immigration to Australia.

Mabel (John’s Grandmother) had a daughter with William John Henry (Third husband (John’s step Grandfather) who was named Sylvia in her 3rd marriage who also came to Australia.


After William Bill (John’s Father) had come to Australia William Bill (John’s Father) was living with parents and Sylvia in England in 1949-50 when William Bill (John’s Father) applied for immigration to Australia.

Mabel died in Australia and is buried with her third husband in Canberra. They had married in1935 in Ramford England.

The Question is what took him to Canberra

Keith (a distant cousin from England) said that Mabel’s second husband William Samuel Ellis (John’s Grandfather second marriage) died around 1933-34, and the Ellis children from this marriage were placed in care for a period of time before they were returned to their mother Mabel. One of these children was (John’s father) William George Ellis; another was Eileen who lives now in Canberra. And migrated to Australia after (Johns Father William Bill) had arrived in Australia (It looks like (John’s Father William Bill) was first to come to Australia)

Further facts and figures about the early family can be found on my Ancestry family tree.


 1944-1947 – William George Ellis (Johns father) was a contract painter before undertaking war service in the British Army. His forms for Migration to Australia indicate that he possibly completed an apprenticeship in Painting.

List of employment stated on William (Johns fathers) immigration record

Eileen (John fathers sister) reported to Marg (Researcher) from NSW that the family was bombed three times in the 2nd WW in London.

 1949- William George Ellis (Johns father) applied for Immigration to Australia (26th of October 1949) (British citizen, 5 feet 10 inches, 10 lb, 8 stone). This was two years after he finished his time in the army.

(Johns Father William) had to pay 10 pounds to come to Australia under a Commonwealth Government scheme. There was much work in Australia Post second World War. When asked the question of how much money on his immigration application he would bring with him to Australia, he mentioned 20 pounds (Immigration papers). He was not a man with significant resources. When filling out his application he was living with his mother and her 3rd husband William John Henry at 445 Barlow Moor Road, CCH, M/C21. Also his half sister Sylvia was likely to have been living there as well. A couple of his jobs appeared to be on the same road. It is interesting to note he was working for Morris and Sons before the World War 2 and returned working for them after the War.

1951- Ship – SS New Australia. Left from Southhampton, 15th of February, 1951 for Australia, and the ship record indicates that William George Ellis (Johns father) was aboard and disembarked in Melbourne.


1951- The ship first arrived at Fremantle in Western Australia and then came to Melbourne and docked on the 17th of March, 1951. It is likely to have been at Princes Pier in Port Melbourne.

At this time, Gloria ran Guesthouse house at 34 Coles Crescent, Coburg East (1951/52). Not electoral rolls have been sourced as yet with Gloria listed in this location.

Wally (Gloria’s 2nd husband) arrives in Australia in October 1951 about three months after Johns conception.

John was born as “William Langdon” at the “Avonhurst” Private Hospital, Queens Road, South Melbourne on the 26th of February, 1952, John would have been conceived around May 1951. William George Ellis (his father) arrived into Melbourne in March 1951 indicating the conception would have been within 3 months of him landing in Australia.

The Canberra Story

Information from Property Tenancy Record

House Number 16 Hoddles Garden, Canberra

3/2/1941 Occupied by Mr L G Luton and his wife Doris May Flemming. She will be known as Dot and in this document. Dot went onto marry Johns father William George Ellis. She would be Johns step mother. Mr Luton has had a history of depression and suicided on the 29/12/1950, leaving Dot, and his wife with three children. Several notices of his death and circumstances appeared in the Canberra Times.

The children were- Janice Lorraine Luton, Lloyd Henry Luton and Anthony Richard Luton (1941-2005). You could say these children were Johns step sister and brothers. Memorial notices from Dot (Stepmother) appeared in the Canberra Times for 5 years. (until 1955) (reported by Marg, Researcher, NSW). Anthony was born in 1941, but no other birth dates or other information has been sourced for Janice and Lloyd.

2//1950 Dot is listed as a widow on the Property Tenancy Record.

***1943, 1949 and 1954 Dot (Step mother) listed on the Electoral roll with surname ‘Luton’ in Canberra



Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995), Wednesday 9 February 1955, page 2


National Library of Australia






William George Ellis aged 30 years fined for negligent driving in Canberra Petty court session, Campbell Street address, no street number listed.

Information from Property Tenancy Record

25/6/1957 Dot listed as Mrs Ellis

Doris May Fleming (Dot, Johns Stepmother) was born 18/4/1918. Based on this she was 6 years older than William George Ellis (6/1/1924)

William (Johns Father) and Dot likely to have married therefore between February 1955 (newspaper article date) and  25/6/1957 (Property Tenancy Record.)

1957 -Mabel Townend (Grandmother of John) dies in 1957 in Canberra . Mabel buried in Canberra.

June ? 1957- Sylvia Ann HENRY (1/2 sister of Johns father, Mabel her mother and father William John Henry) married Robert Frederick Stephens, Carpenter in Canberra. She was on the Canberra Electoral roll until 1980.

1958 – Dot (Stepmother) on Electoral Roll, 16 Hoddles Garden, Canberra

1958 – William (Johns Father) on Electoral Roll, 16 Hoddles Garden, Canberra. Painter

 Information from Property Tenancy Record

1/5/59 – William George Ellis (Father) is listed as being on the registry instead of Dot (John’s stepmother).

1963, Dot on Electoral Roll, 16 Hoddles Garden, Canberra

1963 – William (Johns Father) on Electoral Roll, 16 Hoddles Garden, Canberra. Painter

1964- THE KIJAKS FROM CANBERRA – Travelled by Aircraft to Australia- 1st of October, 1964. Eileen (born 23 of September 1928), Kazimeirz Kijak (born 12th of May 1919) her husband and two children Carol Ann (born 20th of August, 1954) (1st cousin)  and Christine (born 9th of April, 1956) (1st cousin) Record from National Archives.

An Article about Kaz Kijak, (written after his death) (Uncle) identifies that two of Eileen’s (Johns auntie) family were living Canberra when they arrived the 1960s. These two were William George Ellis (Johns Father) and Sylvia Henry (William George Ellis ½ sister). Sylvia, Eileen and William George Ellis were ½ siblings.

1965 – William HENRY (STEPGRANDFATHER, married to Mabel Townsend GRANDMOTHER) dies and is buried 10th of July 1965 with Mabel (WODEN CEMETERY, CANBERRA).

1965- Probate Notice – Sylvia (Johns ½ aunt, sister of Johns Father) was an Executor on the William HENRY Estate. Also William George Ellis (Johns Father) was also an Executor. At this time, Sylvia was listed as living at 15 Hope Street, Dixon, Canberra.  William (Johns father) was still living at Hoddles Street and his occupation was a Company Representative. William Henry (Johns Step grandfather) was listed as Retired Public Servant.

1968- Dot (Johns Stepmother) on Electoral Roll in 16 Hoddle Street, Canberra

1968- William (Johns Father) on Electoral Roll in 16 Hoddle Street, Canberra.

1971 Canberra Times- Christine KIJAK (First Cousin) married Paul Smith in Canberra. Sister Carol Ann married a Stonham in Canberra.

1972- William (Johns Father) on Electoral Roll in 16 Hoddle Street, Canberra.

1977 – Dot (Stepmother) on Electoral Roll in 16 Hoddle Street, Canberra.

1977-     William (Johns Father) on Electoral Roll in 16 Hoddle Street, Canberra.

1980 – Dot (Step mother) on Electoral Roll in Canberra in 16 Hoddle Street, Canberra.

1980 – William (Johns Father) on Electoral Roll in 16 Hoddle Street, Canberra.

1981- Doris Mabel Ellis (John’s fathers sister) dies in Wales. She married a Mr Littler and had six children. Those children were:

Vera has 3 children

Robert (Bob) had 4 children

Shirley 4 children

William (Bill) 2 children

Lynda 6 children

Alan 4 children

At this stage, nothing has been sourced about Dot (stepmother) and William (father) and their life in Tuross and when they first moved onto the coast. Christine Kijak indicated that they had lived there for some time before they died. Tuross is a nice small fishing community on the NSW central coast.

Dot (Step mother) died and was buried at Moruya Cemetery, close to Tuross on 08/09/1996. She had been living at Tuross with Johns father before her death. William George Ellis (Father), was buried at Moruya Cemetery on the 29/01/1999 and has lived at Tuross Head. He died about 16 months after Dot.

After Eileen Kijak (Johns father sister) and Kaz Kijak retire they moved to Tuross for about four years before moving back to Canberra to be near grandchildren. No year is yet known when this occurred.

(Could be 2003 to 2004 approx. based on a theory that (Eileen John’s Aunty Bill’s sister) and her husband went to Tuross to look after William (Bill) after he lost his wife Dot.)






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