Every human being has the right to a true and correct record of their birth.

Currently in Australia all adoptees have had that right violated.

To become ‘adopted’ the person’s true and correct birth certificate is declared legally null and void.

A new one is issued with genetic strangers falsely named as parents. The child’s real identity and ancestry are forever wiped by legal decree as if they never existed.

The new legal but, fraudulent birth certificate is irrevocable and the adopted person and all their subsequent generations are bound by it.

They have been legally severed from their true ancestry and legally bound to genetic strangers.

Adopted people demand equal legal rights to a true and correct birth certificate, and the basic human right to true family connections and ancestry.

“How about we let adoptees KEEP their ancestry, identity and bloodline, and TELL them the names and history of the new carers instead!!”      Sharyn White

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