Author ; Kerri Saint

What a lot of reports don’t cover is the damage that happened to adopted children in many adoptive homes across Australia .

Over ten thousand children were taken in one year alone, and do you want to know how many adoptive families had proper checks to see if they were suitable people to care for a baby?

Very few to none!

There are atleast 40,000 abused adoptees living amongst you in Australia, as a direct result of forced adoption.

Many adoptees ended up in homes where they were abused and mistreated by the very people chosen for them.

Many of the kids from institutions stayed in these very homes at Christmas and Easter as they were farmed out at these times to such families.

If you take the time to talk to these victims you will know that adoptive parents often housed kids from institutions for short periods of time, and suffered abuse from these adoptive parents and witnessed diabolical abuses upon the adopted child.

Adoptees like myself gave evidence at the senate inquiry into forced adoptions.

Accounts of horrific abuses at the hands of adopting parents were told from all corners of Australia.

Yet unlike the Forgotten Australians and Stolen Generation we the adoptee never received an apology for the abuses that we suffered.

We were not accepted in the inquiry into forced adoption and many times were told that it was not about us, the children.

( Well who the hell did they take)? and we were never given our own royal commission or inquiry.

If you think that we are included in the royal commission into child sexual abuse, think again, as we are not allowed to mention that we are adopted.

As far as I am concerned there has been a deliberate effort to keep adoptees quiet.

Why are we continually having doors shut in our faces, why are we not being included in any response to child sexual abuse or any abuse for that matter?

Why is it wrong to uncover that adoptees were abused by adopting parents, the very same people who fostered children.

Foster children were included in the inquiry into children abused in care, but we were excluded, Why?

When is a major current affair, and or investigative show going to expose the dark secrets of adoption upon the adoptee?

Why does the dept of Family Services here in Australia exclude abused adoptees from their stake holder meetings, and lie to them?

How about journo’s, how about uncover and telling the truth of abused adoptees, the very children stolen from these loving single mothers.

email if you want the truth.



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