• It still severs all legal rights to family heritage and bloodline.
• It still changes the child’s true identity.
• It still issues a new legal but fraudulent birth certificate that is the child’s primary form of identification.
• It still does not give the adopted person the right to a no fuss no fault discharge and holds them to a contract they did not sign or agree to for life and beyond and even if they did agree on it at a very young age it does not give them the right to change their minds when they become of age.
• It still places the child in possible danger by wiping its hands of the child and pretending it is living in an equal to biological child’s family “As if Born to” and does not take responsibility for its welfare by providing regular unannounced welfare checks while living in a non-biological home.

A child who is in need of care should not have to sacrifice its rights to be legally connected to its brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, extended family, heritage and blood line for life and beyond for that care.

It is to greater price for a child who becomes an adult to pay for care that it needs as a child.



2 thoughts on “Open adoption in Australia dose not resolve the mistakes of the past for the adopted person it may resolve the issue of not knowing however

  1. Open adoption seems to me like another kind of hell. But still, hell. I can imagine having my own dear mother come for a visit, then leave me with my adoptive parents, over and over again. I can imagine watching her keep my younger half brother, but leave me. Seems like a special kind of torture.


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