“If we’re going to make a decision to remove children from their family of origin, it has to be to something better.”

A model that changes the child’s true identity in the name of care, like adoption does, is not better. It may save a child from abuse but at what price?


I see adoption, in it’s present form, as a crime against the child; to legally sever a child, who will become an adult, from not only the parents but also their brothers, sisters, uncle aunts, cousins, grandparents, extended family, heritage and blood line.

As an adopted person I can understand in some cases a child may not be able to live with their parents, for many reasons, however I cannot understand the legal severing for life being the price the child pay’s for that care.

Is this in the child’s best interest?

May be in some circumstances severing parental rights until they are 18/21 years of age is necessary but why brothers, sisters, uncle aunts, cousins, grandparents, extended family, heritage and blood line for life?

I think not.

It seems to me that it’s all about the adopters wants for ownership to fulfill their needs and governments need to get them out of the system and save money. Get them adopted and off their books.

As an adopted person living grafted onto my adopters family tree and having no legal connection to my true heritage the pain gets more and more as I grow older.

To tell you the Truth, now at 66 years of age I don’t want to die being someone else. I want to die being the person I was born as and that is William Hammersley (the name my mother gave me). I want my real parents names on my death certificate not my legal parents (the adopters) .

The adopters always argue that they are the real parents and our Biological parents are merely Birth parents and that Biology and heritage does not matter.

This I find extraordinary, especially when I consider the number of non adopted people that use Ancestry.com and other heritage search organisations. I cannot understand why it is important to the thousands if not millions of non adopted people but not adopted people.

Why is there a shortage of carers in child protection when we are told there are so many people who want to adopt?

Why won’t a person who wants to adopt simply care for the child without going through the adoption process of ownership that legally servers not only the parents but also the child’s, brothers, sisters, uncle aunts, cousins, grandparents, extended family, heritage and blood line?

To know who you once were (like adoption is suppose to allow) is not the same as being legally connected to who you really are.



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